Why now?

Generally, pruning is best during the late winter months while plants are dormant.  February and March are traditionally the best months for trimming, but there are always exceptions!

Some shrubs bloom on ‘old wood’, which is any growth from the previous year.  These plants, like hydrangeas & azaleas, are best trimmed AFTER they bloom so they have time to set buds before winter.  Other plants might just need a little shaping to get the spring growth under control. Roses and formal hedges always appreciate a summer trim.  In any case, pruning now before fall hits is best so any new growth has time to harden off before the first cold snap.

It’s important to remember that pruning will always stimulate new growth, so by pruning now you can make sure those new stems and leaves can reach maturity before the cold weather sets in.  New foliage is very tender and will be damaged by even the slightest frost. The damage is often more unsightly than anything, however, that damaged foliage will need to remain on the plant until it is safe to cut it back (which might not be until the following spring!).

Need help?

We provide a range of pruning services that are tailored to your specific needs. From full hedge trimming to hand-pruned thinning or shaping, our landscape crew can do it all! For more information, please submit the form below and we’ll get right back to you!

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